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Ariella Israel is an upcoming artist. Her art is centered around creating pieces that uplift, inspire and most importantly show the true depiction of those in the bible. She is most thankful to be a vessel God's light to shine through.It specializes in wearable art, portraits, unique and one of a kind hand painted apparel, and custom artwork. Thee Creator is where your ideas come to life. Thee Creator is a Cincinnati based around the visual arts that has been around since 2016.


Thee Creator takes pride in being able to provide amazing art at a very affordable price. Art this good you cannot pass up! Our specialty are beautiful acrylic painted portraits, that they take commissions for on a monthly basis. Also, we continue to venture into new avenues with expanding their art onto merchandise such as wallets, purses, jewelry and much more. In addition to this I dabble in Illustrating books for kids and adults. 


Additionally, we have made a commitment of giving back to to her church to help them spread the Gospel all over the world. We have specially marked items who’s proceeds goes to help with the church. 


Thee Creator came to life when Ariella decided to follow her dreams of becoming an Artist. Growing up she always found herself with a pencil and a pad in her hand and decided one day that she would take her skills to the next level. I believe that expressing yourself can come in many forms and for me it’s art. I like to reflect on my reality, emotions, and history and bring those ideas to life. I do so through many different mediums as you will see on my website.


If you are looking to add a touch of art into your household, business or establishment, email me to further discuss commissions.

I like to think the name Thee Creator is an ode to the most high God, The creator of all things. The best author I aspire to be.

This journey is for the persistent, motivated goal-getters

"Where there is no vision, the people perish.."


Creating was an everyday thing for me as I look back. There were two televisionn shows that really inspired me as a kid to start drawing: Spongebob and Scooby-doo. (Which I still love till this day) Over the years seeing their growth in the graphics along with other cartoon shows it taught me that progress is truly a process that's why I'm not giving up on my calling. Everyone has a purpose I'm just here to fulfill mine and inspire others along the way.

I like to stick with original concepts and stay away from recreating "Hyped imagery". It is good for exposure but often unfulfilling. As of now my most used medium would be acrylic but I have worked with oils, watercolor, markers, even digital. I'm always looking for ways to expand my horizons and better myself as an artist.




P.O. BOX 181501

Cincinnati, Oh 45018

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